Welcome to the Quillax Ship!

The Quillax Ship is a site that has downloads for mods of Commander Keen and fangames that are mostly about the Mario games, all of which are made by me, Quillax. The mods and games are only made for fun, not for profit, therefore making them free!

Latest Mod: The Mortrix

Latest Game: Quillax's Experiment

Guess who's guarding my ship!

BOO!!!!!!!! Happy Halloween! Don't let the ghosts and Treasure Eaters (the red guys from Keen 4 that like to take everything) steal your candy!

Okay, it's not Halloween anymore. I promised to show something right on Halloween, but those smirky Treasure Eaters kept bothering me! What really matters is that I promised to show something spooky, and he has been taking good care of those annoying Treasure Eaters! Meet Robo Orange!

Robo Orange! Don't mess with him! He never asks questions!

He looks even more terrifying when lit!

Meep! I mean -- Robo Orange!

Don't you like it, or are you turning pale? You can click on the images to get bigger ones, but I warn you! At the slightest sound, he'll shoot first and ask questions later! He might hear you clicking! (Yes, he shoots from the stem!)

Happy late Halloween! While a certain holiday is getting all the attention, we must be aware that Thanksgiving is coming! I hope you'll get yourself a good turkey! Maybe Robo Orange will get one for me! Speaking of Robo Orange, I think I just heard a lot of laser shots!

By the way, I just noticed that "quillaxship.com" has been unresponsive. I don't know what happend -- hopefully it wasn't because Robo Orange shot it! At least "quintonland.com" still works!

Go-Go-Gadget Update!

Last update -- which was quite a while ago -- I reported that the online high score service used by Go! Go! Gooble!! has went down. Guess what? It is now fixed! See for yourself! Perhaps soon someone will finally beat my high scores! I did include a special reward in the game for those who scored over 50,000 points, but it seems that nobody else has accomplished that yet. Whoever does reach over 50,000 will get an honorable mention in a future update!

The server was actually fixed at least a few months ago; I wanted to do something big before I do another update, but I haven't. I figured it's about time I get the news out. At least the delay wasn't as long as the two-and-a-half gap between Quinton Land's last update and Quillax Ship's opening! Be sure to come back tomorrow; I'm going to show something really spooky! Hahahahaha!