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The Quillax Ship is a site that has downloads for mods of Commander Keen and fangames that are made by me, Quillax. The mods and games are only made for fun, not for profit, therfore making them free!

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It's been 5 years now...

Today's every Commander Keen fan's favorite day: Keen Day! So, before I say anything else, I'd like to quick say 'Happy Keen Day!' to all of you, and there, I said it!

Ever since 2014, I've released at least one Keen mod. Well, that's until this year's Keen Day, where I don't have a Keen mod to release today. Don't go, though, because I'd like to take a look back to good ol' '14, which was when my father released the Revenge of Mortimer trilogy! They weren't my first mods, but they were my first ones to be uploaded to the Internet. Besides, isn't the fact that not one, but THREE mods released at the same time very cool? (Well, okay, I wasn't really the first one to do that, but still!)

If you love math, you may notice that it's been 5 years since the release of the Revenge of Mortimer trilogy! *insert party noises* Now, I don't know about you, but to me, it's amazing that it's been out for that long! A couple days ago, I actually did a drawing about the trilogy's fifth anniversary:

Happy birthday, Revenge of Mortimer!
Want a bigger version? I think these yellow letters bring you something like that.

All of my mods are special to me in some way, but the Revenge of Mortimer trilogy is special in ways that my other mods don't have. Never forget about your first (after all, I still remember a lot of the old drawings I did as a little kid, haha)!

Is one drawing not enough for you? Well, how about NINE more drawings? While I was making The Mortrix, I did concept art to help myself figure out how some of the designs shoud be like. I did do concept art for a few of my previous works, but there are very few of them, while The Mortrix had quite a bit more! Here's a list of links for all the concept art I did for The Mortrix:

Various stuff (1)
Various stuff (2)
Mortrix application
Shikadi Minesweeper level
Plain Paint level
Various Mortrix level layouts
Title screen
Anti-Virus Abolisher

There is some stuff cut off since my drawing pad is just a LITTLE bit bigger than what my scanner can scan, but I tried to get what I can fit in there!

One more thing I'd like to say, even though, this doesn't have anything to do with drawings: I included a couple more details in the game pages! You can now see what the overall difficulty is (if you hover above it, you'll get a little info on what you can expect), and for mods, you can see what game they are a mod of and whether that game is a commercial one or not! In regards to difficulty, I based it on personal experience and feedback from other people.

Let's give this ship some love, right?

Last month, MFGG, a community focused on Mario fangames, did an awards ceremony that celebrates all the awesome things the community did last year! Why am I mentioning this, as you might be wondering? Well, Go! Go! Gooble!! was nominated for a couple categories: Best Minigame and Most Overlooked! Meanwhile, I was nominated for Best Spriter! No, the Gooble (or was it a Swoopin' Stu? Actually, never mind.) and I didn't manage to snatch any shiny trophies, but I thought it was cool to have my work nominated for a few things, nevertheless.

But hey, it seems that even if Go! Go! Gooble!! starred a dirty creature, its reception on MFGG has been rather positive and clean overall! The game currently has an average review score of 9.3/10 (it should actually be 9.5/10 if you do the calculation, but blame it on the system, haha), and it even won a shiny Game of the Month award! Really, I can prove the latter with this spotless announcement (opening that external link will actually open a new tab)!

Now that I've talked about how sleek that big Gooble actually is, I'd like to mention that troublesomekeen has been uploading videos that he did while beta-testing The Mortrix! If you wanna see them, you can see the first video here, where he does the first two levels. Don't expect much to have changed compared to the released version, but I think it's still rather interesting!