Quillax Ship

Welcome to the Quillax Ship!

The Quillax Ship is a site that has downloads for mods of Commander Keen and fangames that are made by me, Quillax. The mods and games are only made for fun, not for profit, therfore making them free!

Latest Mod: The Mortrix

Latest Game: Go! Go! Gooble!!

Two major issues: Gone

Hey, y'all! I know news updates have been coming up more frequently than usual, but I really want to let you know that a few days ago, I discovered and then fixed not one, but TWO issues in the Quillax Ship!

Issue number #1 was found when I was trying to download The Mortrix into a Windows 10 computer, where Windows Explorer said that the file is invalid! This isn't because of the zip file itself, but because of how the site downloads stuff since the download counter was added. I got that fixed, but I soon came across issue number #2: Opera (the web browser, not the music thing) sees The Mortrix as a virus, and so does Windows 10 if I downloaded it with another browser! No, this wasn't because it's about a deadly virus, but because of UNLZEXE! UNLZEXE is a tool that is used to decompress Commander Keen game executables so they can be patched; it was packed along with mods of Keen games that aren't shareware, including The Mortrix. The mods in this site have been updated to remove any trace of UNLZEXE and instead use a newer version of CKPatch, which does both the patching and decompressing whenever you run a mod and is seen as safe by modern computers. I will miss using UNLZEXE; it's been used for years without any known issues until recently. I suppose, though, that it's better to stop using it than have family members be unable to play some of my mods, and besides, my mods now take up a little less space!

So, if you've been having trouble trying to download my stuff, then please try again when you can. If you still have any issues, then I'd appreciate if you sent me an e-mail this time. If not, then have fun!

2019 is here, and so is The Mortrix!

2018 has left the world a while ago, with 2019 taking its place! I thought 2018 was a rather good year; I mean, I released The Sunnylands, launched the Quillax Ship, made Go! Go! Gooble!!, and worked on The Mortrix! 2018 felt like a great start for my site overall, and I hope 2019 will be an awesome year as well!

So, with the first news update of 2019, I also decided to do the first mod release of this year! My Keen 2 mod, The Mortrix, is now ready to be played by the many Keen fans around here (along with those that aren't so into Keen, if they want to try it)! It took about five months to make, and it felt really nice and fun to work on it! The aim of The Mortrix is to come up with many interesting ideas with the Keen 2 features that I haven't seen anyone else think about, and I think there are quite a few good ones in it (I won't tell what they are, so you'll have to experience them yourself).

You can check out my latest mod here. I hope you'll have a blast with it! Just don't forget that you'll need a copy of the Keen 2 executable file in order to play it, since Keen 2 is not shareware.

By the way, Go! Go! Gooble!! has received a couple nice fan art last month! I decided to link to each of them, which can be found below:

Art by Pedigree
Art by Hypernova