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This is a list of questions that were answered by me in order to help out others. If you have a question that is not here, then please send an e-mail to me.

Quinton Land

What is this site?

This is a fan-site that houses some of my own mods and fangames, which involves some of the stuff that I've loved since I was a little kid, like Commander Keen (who is currently owned by id Software) and Mario (who is currently owned by Nintendo). They are only made for fun and entertainment, and are never made for profit.

How did this site come to existence?

One time, I wanted to upload the Revenge of Mortimer trilogy into the web. But I have to use a file hosting site, in which that case I created my website. It was empty and only contained the trilogy, until I decided to expand the site.

Quinton Land Games

How do I get a Quinton Land game?

In the Games page, then click on a the title of a Quinton Land game. Doing so will take you to a area that includes info, a screenshot, and the name of the game. You can find a link at the bottom, which will let you download the game when you click on it. Once it's done downloading, you have to extract the files into a directory. After you do that, you should now be able to play the game.

What is Commander Keen?

Commander Keen is a 1990s series that was directed by Tom Hall, which contains eight installments (with seven of them for PC and one for the Game Boy Color). There was gonna be a trilogy entilted "The Universe is Toast" but it is currently in the vaporware state, due to id Software focusing on other games.

For more info on the series, you can check out its Wikipedia article.

What is Mario?

Mario is a popular long-running series, that stars the plumber, Mario (who used to be known as "Jumpman" at the arcade game, Donkey Kong). There is over two-hundred Mario games, and the series started with the arcade game, Donkey Kong, which was released in 1981.

For more info on the series, you can check out its Wikipedia article.

I played a Commander Keen mod, and it some of the stuff seems rather messed up.

You're probably playing the executable file. If you want the mod to work properly, you need to play the batch file (it's icon should have a gear in it) which uses patches from a patch file that can modify the mod.

I can't play a Commander Keen mod, no matter what I do, it won't work!

You are probably using a modern computer. Commander Keen games won't work on modern computers, but there is a way to fix it. If you have DosBox, which is an emulator that can play DOS games, you can command it to run the batch file of a CK mod, or you can just drag the batch file to the DosBox executable.

If you are trying to run a Keen2/Keen3 mod and using DosBox won't work, then maybe the question and answer below can help you.

I can't run a mod of Keen2 / Keen3! What did I do?

You're probably missing the executable file of Keen2 / Keen3. The reason why it wasn't included in the download zip file is because Keen2 / Keen3 is NOT shareware. In order to play a Keen2 / Keen3 mod, you must purchase version 1.31 (any other version might not be compatible with the patches made for the mod) of Keen2 / Keen3. After you got it, you must copy the executable file to the mod directory. Then, you must drag the executable file to the Unlzexe file, which will create a KEEN2.EXENEW/KEEN3.EXENEW file (which is bascially the executable, except that it is decompressed and allows patching to be used). Delete the executable file and then rename the new file to KEEN2.EXE/KEEN3.EXE.

If you did this method and you still can't run the mod, then maybe try checking the above question and answer.

What did you use to make Commander Keen mods / Mario fangames?

For Commander Keen mods, I used some programs to modify the levels, and export/import the graphics. I also used Notepad for adding patches and writing in the text files, and used MS Paint for making the graphics. You can find a list of the tools I use for Invasion of the Vorticons mods here. For my fangames, I used GameMaker: Studio Professional to make them. You can download the Standard version of it (or even buy the Professional or Master Collection version of it) in this website.

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