The Flooded Tower

The Flooded Tower

Exploring through a large lava cave, a Goomba was searching for treasure, when he found a mysterious clock tower that he has never seen before! Entering the clock tower, the lava in the lava cave is flooding the tower now! The Goomba must climb up the tower, as it's the only way to survive from the flooding lava.

Winner of September 2015 Game of the Month of MFGG, you must help the Goomba climb up the clock tower, while avoiding the lava and the hazards inside it! There are three difficulties in the game, which, the only differences between them is the speed of the flooding lava, the number of hazards inside the tower, and the amount of health you start with. They also have their own high-scores!

Genre: Platform

Release Date: October 31, 2015

File Size: 12.8 MB


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