Below is a list of my games, which is ordered from newest to oldest.
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The Flooded Tower The Flooded Tower
Exploring through a large lava cave, a Goomba was searching for treasure, when he found a mysterious clock tower that he has never seen before! Entering the clock tower, the lava in the lava cave is flooding the tower now! The Goomba must climb up the tower, as it's the only way to survive from the flooding lava.
A Typical Day A Typical Day
It's just another typical day for a Goomba, who would head off to work at Bowser's Castle until 6:00 PM. Though, the path that the Goomba took is filled with wild creatures, whose appearance clashed with everything expect for themselves. The Goomba's only defense against these creatures, are just berries (and Steam's emblem).
Nightmare's Revenge Nightmare's Revenge
A dark being has been resurrected, and he is going to take over a space ship, along with the space ship's inhabiants dreams. Nobody knows why is he doing this, but it has been believed to be through an ancient connection between the Lumas and another species. One by one, the Lumas begin to fall asleep, falling into nightmares. The only way to wake them up and reverse the curse is through contact with another Luma. A green Luma, although feeling a little sleepy, decided to help out those poor Lumas.
Bob-Ball Bob-Ball
At the skies, a Bob-Ball (which is a sub-species of a Bob-Omb) found a magical bar, that can move and contains a spring inside. The Bob-Ball decided to clear up brick blocks (which have been floating at the sky for too long), with the help of the magical bar. However, someone has set a timer on the Bob-Ball without any reason, so the Bob-Ball can't be breaking the brick blocks forever.
Morticore Commander Keen & the Morticore
Commander Keen has recived a signal from his Photachyon Transceiver which informs him that Mortimer McMire, his arch-enemy, has built a machine called the "Morticore". After an amount of time, the Morticore will create a black hole that can suck up entire planets in seconds! Commander Keen must not let this event happen and has to weaken the Morticore before it's too late!
ROM3 Revenge of Mortimer - Episode Three: The Sqeek Battle
After disabling the dragon mothership, Commander Keen locates the Sqeeks and heads to their home planet "Cheesicon V", Commander Keen also plans to find Mortimer McMire who is in some place on the planet. But, if Commander Keen is going to search for Mortimer, he'll have to avoid the Sqeek forces & many other dangers in the planet.
ROM2 Revenge of Mortimer - Episode Two: Flames on Earth
After saving Mortimer McMire, Commander Keen has discovered two things, he actually saved a robotic Mortimer and there is a dragon mothership floating in space and will set fire on seven continents (and Hawaii). It is now only up to Commander Keen to disable the mothership by disabling eight flame rays!
ROM1 Revenge of Mortimer - Episode One: Mort's Rescue
Billy Blaze's arch-enemy, Mortimer McMire has claimed that he has turned from evil to good. But then, Mortimer gets abducted by the Sqeeks! Billy has transformed into Commander Keen and tracks down the Sqeek UFO that had abducted Mortimer which is heading out to an planet called "Molecir X". Commander Keen must save Mortimer McMire from his prison but could he really trust Mortimer becoming friendly?
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