Commander Keen & the Morticore


Commander Keen has recived a signal from his Photachyon Transceiver which informs him that Mortimer McMire, his arch-enemy, has built a machine called the "Morticore". After an amount of time, the Morticore will create a black hole that can suck up entire planets in seconds! Commander Keen must not let this event happen and has to weaken the Morticore before it's too late!

Commander Keen & the Morticore is a mod of "Commander Keen - Episode One: Marooned on Mars" that takes place after the events of the Revenge of Mortimer trilogy. Play through 15 levels inside a pogo-shaped like space station called the "Bluegoi", plus a secret level that is found elsewhere. But, don't forget to look for any parts to disassemble in order to weaken the Morticore. The mod also includes a text file about how I got into modding and information about my first three mods (which were never released).

Genre: Platform

Release Date: March 14, 2015

File Size: 131 KB


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