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October 30, 2015

Booyah! I bet you weren't expecting any more news in this site, eh? Anyway, I've got quite some news to show you. First of all, there is a new game in Quinton Land, which was originally submitted to a Minigame Competition and the winner of September 2015 Game of the Month of MFGG! I hope you enjoy The Flooded Tower!

Alright, now......wait, what's next in my announcment? Oh! Now I remember! I had started working on a Commander Keen mod trilogy some weeks ago, which, all there is in it right now, is the story, which is not finished yet. But, I do have a lot of ideas for it! Also, the plot may not be what you usually see in a Commander Keen mod (this trilogy doesn't involve anything from Mortimer McMire or blowing up the universe or a planet)!

Finally, the FAQ has updated, which includes some changes to some the answers and also contains an extra question! Oh, I almost forgot about one thing. While it's a bit early, happy Halloween! I hope you had a good one!

The Flooded Tower The Flooded Tower
Exploring through a large lava cave, a Goomba was searching for treasure, when he found a mysterious clock tower that he has never seen before! Entering the clock tower, the lava in the lava cave is flooding the tower now! The Goomba must climb up the tower, as it's the only way to survive from the flooding lava.

Quinton Land 2.0 will be coming soon!
August 13, 2015

After a few months, today will be Quinton Land's birthday! As a (probably late) birthday present for Quinton Land, I had plans for upgrading this site into version 2.0! My plans for Quinton Land 2.0 is to add many new features, which includes a commentrey system, downloads and views system, a way to sort the games, and many more. If you have any suggestions for Quinton Land 2.0, then feel free to send an e-mail to me. Though, please keep in mind that I might not accept all of the suggestions I have received.

Anyway, have a little joke game I have made for a joke game contest:

A Typical Day A Typical Day
It's just another typical day for a Goomba, who would head off to work at Bowser's Castle until 6:00 PM. Though, the path that the Goomba took is filled with wild creatures, whose appearance clashed with everything expect for themselves. The Goomba's only defense against these creatures, are just berries (and Steam's emblem).

Early-Summer update!
Jun. 19, 2015

Summer is coming soon, E3 will be ending soon, and here is a new game to keep you busy with your hype for summer! It was my entry for MFGG's second Super Competition, and like Bob-Ball, it placed second! I apologize about how long it took to get this game into here (it was released on MFGG in about a month ago). I was really busy with another game I am making.

Nightmare's Revenge Nightmare's Revenge
A dark being has been resurrected, and he is going to take over a space ship, along with the space ship's inhabiants dreams. Nobody knows why is he doing this, but it has been believed to be through an ancient connection between the Lumas and another species. One by one, the Lumas begin to fall asleep, falling into nightmares. The only way to wake them up and reverse the curse is through contact with another Luma. A green Luma, although feeling a little sleepy, decided to help out those poor Lumas.

Progress is as slow as a snail...
May 21, 2015

Progress on the first episode of "Go Keen, Go!" has been even more slower, and that's probably because I have so much things to work on. Yep, besides working on current-working Commander Keen mod, I'm also working on my entry for MFGG's second Super Competition (the deadline is about less than a week away, so I'll have to work on my entry a lot!), and making sprites for my fangames. Though, when I get my entry done, I should have a little more time to work on my Commander Keen mod. However, there is one I want to say. I'll be keeping things to myself more, which means I'll show news about my mod less. Why? Because the more I keep things to myself, the more movitated I would be to work on my stuff. If you want any proof, then look at Commander Keen & the Morticore. I've only shown a single screenshot of that mod, yet, I got it done in two months! Now let's compare it to my current-working mod. I have shown a lot of screenshots, the mod was started a few months ago, and not even a quarter of the mod is done. Sorry if this has dissapointed you, but it's the right thing to do, in my opinion (though, if you have any tips on movitation, then feel free to share them with me).

May I make the world map?
May 1, 2015

Progress on the first episode of "Go Keen, Go!" is still slow, as I've been playing a whole lot of JumpJet Rex on Steam, spriting Super Mario baddies, and reviewing MFGG games. But I started making the world map! The house that is in the left of the Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket is Keen's cabin (a small hint of the story), while the other houses belong to the Vorticons (yes, I'm aware that the Vorticons live in Vorticon VI, there is a reason why these Vorticons are going to a different planet). The world map is incomplete, but I'll show you a picture of how it looks right now.


Quinton Land houses Super Mario fangames now!
Apr. 28, 2015

Remember that it was planned that Quinton Land will house Super Mario fangames at the future, at the FAQ? Guess what? Quinton Land is now officially housing Super Mario fangames that are made by me. Our first Super Mario fangame is Bob-Ball. It was my entry for the first MFGG Super Competition, and it got second place. Hope it was worth your time!

Bob-Ball Bob-Ball
At the skies, a Bob-Ball (which is a sub-species of a Bob-Omb) found a magical bar, that can move and contains a spring inside. The Bob-Ball decided to clear up brick blocks (which have been floating at the sky for too long), with the help of the magical bar. However, someone has set a timer on the Bob-Ball without any reason, so the Bob-Ball can't be breaking the brick blocks forever.

Galaxy-style doors are added!
Apr. 21, 2015

Progress on the first episode of "Go Keen, Go!" has been a bit slow, but I added a feature that you guys might like. Guess what it is? It's those doors from the "Goodbye Galaxy" and "Aliens Ate My Babysitter"! Thanks to Levellass, Commander Keen can enter doors, back and forth. It just works like the games that I mentioed earlier , well, expect that it's a little sudden rather than taking a second, but I'm still happy with the result! Here's a picture of how these doors work (and you'll also get to see the inside and outside designs of the houses).


By the way, have you noticed that the colors have been changed? If so, I hope you liked them!

Spring update!
Mar. 21, 2015

As today is the first day of 2015 Spring, I decided to show you some information about my mod. First of all, it's part of the brand new "Go Keen, Go!" series, and guess what's the main characteristic? It's a parody of the 80s TV show, Inspector Gadget! Why parody a TV show? Because back at 2011, when I was a beginner at modding, I created a series that parodies Inspector Gadget. There were only 19 finished mods (most of which, aren't good), and I didn't make any more mods of the series. Until 2013, I revived the series but only two mod were finished. But today at 2015, I am re-reviving the series and I am working on the first of the series. I'll show you a preview picture, as I haven't gotten too far on the mod.


Fun Fact: The series is simply named as "Commander Keen" when it started, then it's named as "Keen's Adventure" at it's revival, and at today it's "Go Keen, Go!"!

Tileset got corrupted.
Mar. 16, 2015

Well, I decided to annouce some bad news, which happen at Mortimer Day (March 15). The tileset for my next mod got corrupted. Yeah, I decided to something for fun, but I didn't know that it would just actually corrupt my tileset. Everything in the tileset, points, hazards, grounds, all in my tileset are lost forever. The good news, though, is that the Commander Keen and enemy sprites are perfectly fine. Plus, I didn't get too far in modifying it.

Happy Keen Day! Or Mortimer day...
Mar. 14, 2015

Do you what today is? It's Keen Day, I hope you have fun with all of the Commander Keen stuff! But not only today is Keen Day, but Commander Keen & the Morticore is finally released! I hope you have fun after all of the waiting.

Morticore Commander Keen & the Morticore
Commander Keen has recived a signal from his Photachyon Transceiver which informs him that Mortimer McMire, his arch-enemy, has built a machine called the "Morticore". After an amount of time, the Morticore will create a black hole that can suck up entire planets in seconds! Commander Keen must not let this event happen and has to weaken the Morticore before it's too late!

The FAQ has it's own button!
Feb. 14, 2015

Did you notice anything different in this site? I'm guessing you did, because the FAQ has it's own button! That isn't the only thing though, because the FAQ now has two sections! One section answers questions that are related to this site, while the other section answers questions related to my Commander Keen mods.

Also, did anyone notice that it's going to be a month until Commander Keen & the Morticore is released?

The Morticore will be coming soon!
Jan. 12, 2015

Anyone remembered the preview picture I have showed? I hope so, because Commander Keen & the Morticore is now finished! But before I can release it, we will have to wait until Keen Day (March 14), but I can show you another picture below.


A preview in late Thanksgiving!
Nov. 28, 2014

To those who live in North America, happy late Thanksgiving! I was working on a new mod a few weeks ago and I decided to show you a preview picture below.


Quinton Land has officialy launched!
Nov. 14, 2014

That's right, Quinton Land has launched into the web! There isn't that much content here except for a few Commander Keen mods, but there will be a lot of content in the future hopefully.

ROM3 Revenge of Mortimer - Episode Three: The Sqeek Battle
After disabling the dragon mothership, Commander Keen locates the Sqeeks and heads to their home planet "Cheesicon V", Commander Keen also plans to find Mortimer McMire who is in some place on the planet. But, if Commander Keen is going to search for Mortimer, he'll have to avoid the Sqeek forces & many other dangers in the planet.
ROM2 Revenge of Mortimer - Episode Two: Flames on Earth
After saving Mortimer McMire, Commander Keen has discovered two things, he actually saved a robotic Mortimer and there is a dragon mothership floating in space and will set fire on seven continents (and Hawaii). It is now only up to Commander Keen to disable the mothership by disabling eight flame rays!
ROM1 Revenge of Mortimer - Episode One: Mort's Rescue
Billy Blaze's arch-enemy, Mortimer McMire has claimed that he has turned from evil to good. But then, Mortimer gets abducted by the Sqeeks! Billy has transformed into Commander Keen and tracks down the Sqeek UFO that had abducted Mortimer which is heading out to an planet called "Molecir X". Commander Keen must save Mortimer McMire from his prison but could he really trust Mortimer becoming friendly?
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