Nightmare's Revenge

Nightmare's Revenge

A dark being has been resurrected, and he is going to take over a space ship, along with the space ship's inhabiants dreams. Nobody knows why is he doing this, but it has been believed to be through an ancient connection between the Lumas and another species. One by one, the Lumas begin to fall asleep, falling into nightmares. The only way to wake them up and reverse the curse is through contact with another Luma. A green Luma, although feeling a little sleepy, decided to help out those poor Lumas.

Nightmare's Revenge is a hybrid of a maze and an action game. Wake up all of the Lumas, and then get back into the pipe in order to get into the next room! You have about five minutes to wake up the Lumas, and maybe get some of those coins (as the magic of them can decrease the amount of nightmares). There are three difficulties, and they have their own high-scores!

Genre: Action

Release Date: June 19, 2015

File Size: 4.17 MB


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