Revenge of Mortimer - Episode One: Mort's Rescue


Billy Blaze's arch-enemy, Mortimer McMire has claimed that he has turned from evil to good. But then, Mortimer gets abducted by the Sqeeks! Billy has transformed into Commander Keen and tracks down the Sqeek UFO that had abducted Mortimer which is heading out to an planet called "Molecir X". Commander Keen must save Mortimer McMire from his prison but could he really trust Mortimer becoming friendly?

Mort's Rescue is a mod of "Commander Keen - Episode One: Marooned on Mars" reliving the fun in the originals in a different way. Play through 15 levels (plus one secret level) while avoiding the Sqeek forces, but don't forget to be on the look out for four keys that will let Mortimer out of his prison.

Genre: Platform

Release Date: November 14, 2014

File Size: 124 KB


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