Revenge of Mortimer - Episode Three: The Sqeek Battle


After disabling the dragon mothership, Commander Keen locates the Sqeeks and heads to their home planet "Cheesicon V". Commander Keen also plans to find Mortimer McMire, who is in some place on the planet. But, if Commander Keen is going to search for Mortimer, he'll have to avoid the Sqeek forces & many other dangers in the planet.

The Sqeek Battle is a mod of "Commander Keen - Episode Three: Keen Must Die" reliving the fun in the originals in a different way. Play through 15 levels (plus one secret level) while avoiding the Sqeek forces, the Redfishes, & many other hazards found in the planet, but don't forget that you must search for Mortimer.

Genre: Platform

Release Date: November 14, 2014

File Size: 324 KB


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