About Quillax

Hello! I'm known as Quillax, sometimes Q-Nova, on the Internet. Some of the things I like to do include modding Commander Keen games, making games, drawing, playing games, and going outside! My creations are usually about Commander Keen or Mario, as they have some of my favorite games that I have played and loved since I was little; the first Commander Keen games I've played are episodes 4 and 6, while the original Super Mario Bros. is the first Mario game I remember playing.

I began making mods in about mid-2011 and then games later on. The first Commander Keen mod I've played is Ceilick's Crash on Gobo III; I'm not sure what is the first Mario fangame I've played, however. After playing some mods, I decided to download some modding tools and start a hobby of modding Commander Keen. My first mod (which is unfortunately lost) is a Keen 1 mod that just changes the graphics, with the creatures replaced by ones from the Mario games. On the case of how I got into making games, I was given Game Maker 8.1 one day. The first game I made with that is a simple minigame where you click on white blocks that move, but not those that don't move. I think the first Mario fangame I've made is a scrolling minigame where the player must not let Mario (with a Super Leaf) get hit by Koopa Paratroopas as he flies through the sky. On 2014, my father released Revenge of Mortimer, a trilogy of Keen mods I made, in the Public Commander Keen Forum, while I released a Mario fangame in Mario Fan Games Galaxy on 2015, with Bob-Ball; both of those moments are my Internet debuts for mods and games respectively.