Quillax Ship

Welcome to the Quillax Ship!

The Quillax Ship is a site that has downloads for mods of Commander Keen and fangames that are made by me, Quillax. The mods and games are only made for fun, not for profit, therfore making them free!

Latest Mod: The Sunnylands

Latest Game: Go! Go! Gooble!!

A not-so-spooky update

It's October, where many people turn their houses into haunted ones and get prepared for Halloween! I don't really have anything Halloween-related for this site at the moment, but there are some things I'd like to say.

First, if you look at the details for games and mods, you can see that the file size, views, and downloads (well, as of October 6, 2018 for the latter two) are displayed! Second, XrackProject is doing a Let's Play of The Sunnylands with her Commander Neon skin! You can check the playlist here if you're interested (there's only one video so far).

Well, that's all for now! I hope you're enjoying your time! I've been having fun lately, doing stuff such as working on something cool!

Some image here

Transfer complete! Well, almost...

While the Quillax Ship can only be accessed through "quintonland.com" (since before this site was a similar one called Quinton Land), it was planned ever since April 2018 that this site would get a new domain known as "quillaxship.com", and now guess what? A couple days ago, entering "quillaxship.com" will now take you to this site! That's right, rather than an error page, a void of nothing, or whatever else would pop in your browser, you can now visit the ship with several mods and fangames through that address! There does seem to be a few quirks here and there, but they shouldn't really get in the way. Although entering "quintonland.com" will still take you to the Quillax Ship, keep in mind that the old domain will be retired at some point, so it might be a good idea to switch to "quillaxship.com" someday.

Random fun fact: According to statistics, during the last month, of all the mods and games on the Quillax Ship, Mort's Rescue (the first episode of the Revenge of Mortimer trilogy) has been downloaded the most, downloaded 4 times. It may not seem like much, but keep in mind that this isn't even near to being the most popular site at the moment. I think it's cool, though, I guess people are interested on what's my debut like, eh?