Quillax Ship

Welcome to the Quillax Ship!

The Quillax Ship is a site that has downloads for mods of Commander Keen and fangames that are made by me, Quillax. The mods and games are only made for fun, not for profit, therfore making them free!

Latest Mod: The Sunnylands

Latest Game: Battle in the Future

The Quillax Ship has landed on the internet!

Greetings! After about two months of on-and-off work, the Quillax Ship has managed to make a landing on the internet! The Quillax Ship is a replacement for an old site of mine known as Quinton Land, which has recently been blown to smithereens by the Omegamatic! This site has most of the content from Quinton Land, along with two extra mods (Quillax's NetKeen Levels and The Sunnylands) and an extra fangame (Battle in the Future), and hopefully more content later on! I hope you'll have fun with what this ship holds!

Oh, and by the way, while the Quillax Ship uses the same domain as Quinton Land had before, it is planned that at some point, the ship will get a new domain (probably "quillaxship.com").