FAQ - Quillax Ship

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

This is a list of common questions that have been answered by me. If you have a question that is not answered here, then please send me an e-mail.

What is this site?

It's a site that has downloads of my Commander Keen mods and fangames, which are only made for fun and not for profit, meaning that they're free.

How did this site come to life?

Before the Quillax Ship, there was a site known as Quinton Land, which, I made originally for hosting the Revenge of Mortimer trilogy; it has mods and fangames of mine just like the Quillax Ship. I made this site as a replacement because the old one was quite outdated, and I thought a fresh start would be nice.

Who are you?

I'm a person that likes to mod Commander Keen and make games. Check here for more info about me.

How do I start a Commander Keen mod?

For most of my mods, you can just run the ".BAT" file. If you're using a modern computer that cannot run DOS games, you can download DosBox and use that to run the ".BAT" file. You shouldn't run the executable file, which would normally be ran to start the original Keen games, as it may result with some funny stuff or just nothing.

Why do mods of Keen 2/3 have no executable file, and how do I play them?

The reason why the executable file isn't included is because Keen 2/3 isn't shareware. To play a mod of Keen 2/3, you have to purchase version 1.31 of Keen 2/3 (if you haven't already) and then take KEEN2.EXE/KEEN3.EXE into the mod directory. Once you've done that, you should drag the executable file into UNLZEXE.EXE, which should be included within the mod. After doing that, a decompressed copy of the executable file should appear, with "NEW" in the end. Delete the original file and then rename the new file to remove the "NEW" part of it. Finally, you should be able to run the mod using the ".BAT" file.

What can your fangames run on?

My games should be able to run on Windows (7 and onwards). If you managed to make it work on other systems without much trouble, then an e-mail would be very appreciated.

How did you make your mods/games?

I downloaded various Commander Keen modding tools from KeenWiki to mod Commander Keen, such as KeenGraph, Mindbelt, and CKPatch. In the case of fangames, I use GameMaker. I use MSPaint (the XP version) to make the graphics for my mods and fangames, with GIMP for a few special cases.