Mort's Rescue


Billy Blaze's arch-nemesis, Mortimer McMire, claims that he went from evil to good, when Mortimer was abducted by the Sqeeks and taken to prison on the planet Molecir X! Billy, who has transformed into Commander Keen, must rescue Mortimer, but could he really trust Mortimer?

Mort's Rescue is a mod of Commander Keen 1 and the first episode of the Revenge of Mortimer trilogy, which is quite reminiscent of the original Keen trilogy. With 16 levels (one of which is a secret level), Keen must get four keys to free Mortimer while meeting the friendly Moleys (although they like to push you over) and avoiding the nasty Sqeeks!

Game Details

Genre: Platformer

Modded Game: Commander Keen 1 (shareware)

Difficulty: Easy

Released: 2014-03-14

File Size: 124.84 KB

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Downloads: 1062

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