The Sunnylands


Commander Keen has made yet another visit to the Oracle on Gnosticus IV, as he has questions regarding Mortimer McMire. However though, the eight Council Members, the only ones who can activate the Oracle, are missing once again, this time on Sunnylands. What's with those guys, anyway? Did they even get kidnapped by someone?

The Sunnylands is a Keen 4 levelpack, though, it has a new story and a little bit of new graphics. Join Commander Keen, as he travels through Sunnylands, which has as many levels as the original Keen 4 (it even has a secret level) and the creatures he has previously encountered on Shadowlands!

Game Details

Genre: Platformer

Modded Game: Commander Keen 4 (shareware)

Difficulty: Easy

Released: 2018-03-14

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