The Sqeek Battle


After Commander Keen located the Sqeeks, a race of trouble-making mouse-like creatures, he headed to Cheesicon V, their home planet. He wants to put an end to the problems caused by the Sqeeks, and he plans to accomplish that by looking for their master, who may or may not be one of them.

The Sqeek Battle is a Keen 3 mod and the third and final episode of the Revenge of Mortimer trilogy, which relives the original Keen trilogy in a different trilogy. Aside from going through 16 levels (one of which is hidden) on Cheesicon V while watching out for the Sqeek forces, Redfishes, and many other hazards, Keen must look for whoever's behind the nasty stuff the Sqeeks do!

Game Details

Genre: Platformer

Modded Game: Commander Keen 3 (commercial)

Difficulty: Easy

Released: 2014-03-14

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