The Morticore


Uh-oh! Thanks to the Photachyon Transceiver, Commander Keen has been informed that his enemy, Mortimer McMire, built the Morticore, a machine that will eventually create a black hole that can suck up entire planets in seconds! Keen must not let this happen and weaken the Morticore before it's too late!

The Morticore is a Keen 1 mod, which takes place in the Blugoi, a pogo-shaped space station, which is not only the home of the Morticore, but also has service and guard robots! There are 15 levels in the ship, along with a secret level found elsewhere. Be sure to look for the parts, which power up the Morticore, that you must disassemble.

Oh, and within the download link is a text file that tells how I got into modding and info about my (unfortunately lost) first three mods.

Game Details

Genre: Platformer

Modded Game: Commander Keen 1 (shareware)

Difficulty: Easy

Released: 2015-03-14

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