Nightmare's Revenge - Quillax Ship

Nightmare's Revenge

Antasma has decided to take over a Luma-inhabited space ship, and put those Lumas to sleep! No, not a "sweet-dreams-sleep", but an eternal sleep, with only nightmares, that can only seem to end through contact with another Luma. Antasma's reasons for this are unknown, but believed to be due to an ancient connection.

Nightmare's Revenge mixes the maze and action genres. As a sleepy green Luma, you must wake up all of the Lumas in each room and perhaps collect some coins (their magic can ease the intensity of nightmares) within five minutes, when you start to become cursed as well! With three difficulties that have their own high-score, Nightmare's Revenge also has an original soundtrack by edeN!


Game Details

Genre: Action

Difficulty: Easy

Released: 2015-05-27

File Size: 4.17 MB

Views: 174

Downloads: 124

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